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Round                                                                                  10″

Square                                                                                  10″ x 10″

Rectangular                                                                         10″H x 11″W

Blade Size                                                                            1″ x .035″ x 137.9″

Blade Speed (Variable)                                                     88 – 260 fpm

Hydraulic Motor                                                                  1 hp.

Variable Speed Blade Drive                                            3 hp.

Feed Length                                                                        2″ – 141″

Table Height                                                                        21.7″

Shipping Dimensions                                                       74.5″L x 72.5″W x 58″H

Machine Weight                                                                  2,650 lbs.


Equipped With:

Dual Valve Control for Feedrate & Pre-Selective Cutting Pressure

Automatic Shuttle Vises Programmable Multiple Stroke

Hydraulic Blade Tensioning

Coolant System

Chip Auger


Under Power – In Shop

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